Weight Loss Surgery, Gastric Bypass
Bridges Weight Loss Center is a comprehensive surgical weight loss clinic offering Weight loss Surgery, Gastric bypass, Gastric banding, Lapband, Realize band, Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Texas USA

We wanted the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of this website to be the most comprehensive one available online.  The questions listed here and the included answers are the ones that we have been asked over and over again.  For the ease of navigation, we have sorted the section into three parts; Before Surgery, Surgery and After Surgery questions.

You may click on the appropriate sub-menu, to your left, to search for questions and answers.  Please keep in mind that surgical technique and after care varies from surgeon to surgeon.  The answers to your questions may be different under specific circumstances.  Dr. Raja has taken great care to answer questions so that they apply to the broadest audience.  If you have a question that is not answered here, we welcome your questions by using the contact us form. Please be sure to complete all parts of the form so we may contact you with your answer.