Weight Loss Surgery, Gastric Bypass

Monica's Weight Loss Journey

Before LapBand
246 pounds
After LapBand
136 pounds

In 1991, I married my high school sweetheart, weighed 120 pounds, and wore a size 6 when I walked down the aisle. Fifteen years later as we were about to celebrate our 15th anniversary, I was horrified as the seat belt on the plane barely fit around my waist. I'm not sure when my weight got so out of control. It seemed that with every child born, there was more to do and very little time for myself.

My husband and I opened a business together in 2000 and my time became even more occupied. Fast food and late night dinners became part of my routine, and before I knew it, my weight had reached 246 pounds. As I sat on that plane for three hours, my mind started looking for answers. I had tried many of the fad diets out there, and had even joined Curves for a few months. Every attempt was met with very little success and just left me feeling more depressed. I tried to just get through each day, always saying, "Someday I'll take care of this problem", but sometimes it wasn't easy to ignore. My husband and I have a photography studio, and it was becoming difficult for me to show people how to pose. We also cover sports for our local newspaper, and it had become quite a chore for me to make it to the press box.

Another turning moment came at the UT Spring Game when my best friend posed in a photo with me. My husband snapped the photo, and later when I saw it, I knew I had to do something. Needless to say, she never got the copy, but I certainly got the message. Later that month on our trip, I brought up the subject of a weight loss surgery to my husband. At first he was cautious. He said my weight didn't bother him, and he meant that, but it did bother me and he agreed to check out my options when we returned from our vacation.

I started surfing the web as soon as I got home and found many different options. I found the Bridges Center website and learned some more about the LapBand surgery. It seemed perfect for me, and I couldn't wait to learn more. Several sites I had visited seemed to be places that would just take your money, do your surgery, then send you home. The Bridges Center was different. They offered many different people for me to talk to, to help me with each step of the program. They wanted to watch my success on the program before I had the surgery to make sure I was prepared to do it, and if I ever had any questions there was always someone there to answer them. I felt like they really knew me and I could trust them, and the day of my surgery I was relaxed and ready.

Since June 21, the day of my surgery, I've lost over 100 pounds and regained my life. I don't think I've ever felt better or healthier. People who have known me my whole life don't recognize me, and when they do, they can hardly believe their eyes. I know this surgery and the Bridges program have added years to my life, and now those will be quality years. I can enjoy all the things I used to miss out on, from just playing with my kids to dressing up for a night out with my husband. I'd recommend the LapBand and this program to anyone, it's a great tool for changing your life.

- Monica Craig 
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