Weight Loss Surgery, Gastric Bypass
Bridges Weight Loss Center is a comprehensive surgical weight loss clinic offering Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Texas USA

Open vs. Laparoscopic weight loss Surgery

There are two ways to perform weight loss operations. One method, open operation involves cutting a patient open and performing surgery through an eight to ten inch incision in the abdomen. Another method is called laparoscopic technique. During this procedure, the surgeon makes five or six very small incisions, each one 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, on the abdomen. Small hollow tubes are inserted into each incision, which allow for insertion and removal of necessary instruments for the operation. Carbon dioxide is filled in the abdominal cavity to make room for the operation. For the procedure, a fiber optic tube, connected to a video camera is inserted into the abdomen through one of the incisions. A television screen near the operating table gives the surgeon a view of the patient's internal organs and allows him to perform the surgery by inserting instruments into the abdomen through the other openings.

The benefit of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is that it can lead to minimal incisional scars, less postoperative pain, increased mobility, shortened hospital stay, shorter convalescent time, and fewer late ventral Hernias. All of the operations are performed by laparoscopic technique at our program.